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  • How do I measure my nails?
    1) Place clear tape over widest part of your nail horizontally 2) Mark both sides with a pen or marker 3) Carefully remove the tape from your nail 4) Place tape on flat surface & measure with ruler in mm 5) Do this for all fingers on both hands 6) Record your nail measurements and input it in the box when placing your nail order
  • Are press on nails reusable?
    Yes. All of our press-on nails are reusable! They can be used for up to 3 weeks with the appropriate care. Please ensure you follow all of the instructions for the application process as it plays a very crucial role in the retention.
  • How do I apply the nails?
    Applying the nails are very simple and takes just a couple of minutes! 1) Wash your hands with water and push back your cuticles with the wooden cuticle pusher 2) Cut, File and Buff the shiny top layer on all of your nails 3) Dehydrate and wipe down your nail beds by using the alcohol wipes 4) Apply the glue in the middle of your nails and apply the press-on nails starting from your cuticles and move down 5) Hold the press-on nails down for 30 seconds Note: Please try to avoid washing your hands for the next hour after applying the nails to allow the glue to sit. We recommend you applying the nails at a time where you will not be having to wash, touch and apply pressure on your nails as frequently.
  • How do I remove the nails?
    There are several ways to remove your nails. We recommend applying cuticle oil to your nails and soaking it in warm soap water for 20 minutes. Once it is soaked, slowly lift the edges until the nail comes off. Add more oil as you see fit, specifically for the nails that are taking longer to lift.
  • Do you provide nail glue with every purchase?
    An application kit is provided to all new clients and first-time buyers. Our application kits could be used for more than one set and therefore we encourage all of our existing clients to re-use their glue until it finishes. If any of our clients need more glue, a new filer or cuticle pusher, please head over to our 'Add-ons' page to purchase an application kit.
  • What are the processing times?
    Please allow up to 2 weeks of processing days to make your product. This does not include shipping as it is treated separately. Rush fee applies if you require your order earlier than 2 weeks. Please note that we are trying our best to work as fast as possible while balancing our full-time jobs outside of our business. We appreciate your patience.
  • Do you do international and domestic shipping?
    Yes, we do worldwide shipping.
  • How long does U.S Shipping take compared to CA?
    U.S Tracked Shipping typically ranges 5-15 business days and CA ranges from 4-10 business days. However, due to COVID - we cannot gurantee accurate shipment dates and is not responsible for any delays that occur.
  • Can I pick-up my order?
    Yes. We do offer local pick-ups, once you have processed your purchase and payment - you will receive a message from us via Instagram/e-mail regarding available dates and the full address. Processing time takes 2 weeks but if you require it earlier, please select Rush Processing at checkout to have your order completed within 3 days.
  • There is something wrong with my order. Who do I contact?
    If you have encountered any problems regarding shipping or missing items, please contact us via email or the contact on the website. We value our customers and always want to ensure full satisfcation and will help you as best as we can.
  • Some of the nails don't fit, what do I do?"
    All of the press on nails are created based on the measurements provided made with love and effort. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for any deficiencies in nail measurements. If you are hestiant in the sizing, please purchase a sizing kit from us to prevent any inaccuracies from occuring. You are also welcome to request a replacement nail for that specific finger.


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